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Facts About Pitbulls

Preparing Your Home For Your New Pitbull Puppy


Before you bring home your new Pit Bull, you should already have the necessary preparations made in order for your new puppy to feel safe and comfortable. The more prepared you are before he arrives, the better your chances are of ensuring his safety and in saving your home from destruction once your puppy gets used to it.

Since your new Pit Bull puppy is naturally inquisitive, he will be fascinated by anything and everything around your house. Without proper preparation, your cute puppy will start chewing and playing with whatever he can sink his teeth into. You might need to do some home improvement tasks to make sure that your home is safe enough for your new playful pup. Make sure that the whole family knows about the safety efforts. Inform them about the terrible result that can happen to your puppy should they become careless.

Everyplace where your Pit Bull may wander must be puppy friendly. You may want to crawl around on the ground at puppy level to see what kind of trouble awaits him. In addition to making your home puppy-friendly for your new Pit Bull, you need to be alert to the following factors:

1. One of your puppy's favorite hobbies is chewing. If given the opportunity, he will chomp on electrical cords and lick electrical outlets. This exploration can result in death from severe burns, shock, and loss of jaw and tongue tissue. Your pup can also pull electrical appliances down by pulling the cords or pulling over heavy and unstable objects that can fall down on him.

2. Stairs, balconies, and high decks are hazard spots. You may use temporary plastic fencing, baby gates, or even chicken wire if necessary, to keep the puppy from entering these areas.

3. Keep your floor clean and free of anything that your puppy can easily put in his mouth. Keep all forms of cleaners, chemicals, strings, coins, and other small objects out of his sight.

4. Invest in a good fence for your yard to prevent your puppy from roaming outside the property. Check your yard for any sharp and broken branches within your puppy's reach. If you have a pool, show your dog how to find the steps where he can get out.

5. Doors can be a very dangerous area for your puppy. Everyone in your family should be made aware of the danger of slamming the door where the puppy may be in the way. Attach stickers to your glass doors at puppy eye level to prevent him from running into it. Finally, every door that leads to unfenced outdoor areas must be kept securely shut.

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