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Teaching Pitbulls Using The Come Command


If there is only one command that you can teach your Pit Bull that command should be to "come" to you when he is called. Aside from being a neat trick, being called on command can actually save your dog's life. You can never be sure that he will not bolt through the door or escape from his collar. For this reason, getting him to come back to you is very important and should be the first training lesson that he gets.

If you think about it, your Pit Bull already knows how to come. He automatically comes every time he sees you holding the food bowl, his favorite toy, or his leash. You may have even used the word "come" to get his attention, which gives you a good head start. The trick is to have him respond to "come" all the time with the same excitement that he has during mealtime.

You should always associate the command "come" with good things. Think for a moment what excites your dog that makes him run towards you. For most Pit Bull puppies, playing chase will definitely do it. And of course, no Pit Bull will say no to their special treat. Using the two examples gives you the advantage when teaching your Pit Bull the command "come."

Pit Bulls are very smart dogs that respond well to proper training. And although the best time to start training your Pit Bull is while he is still a puppy, it is never too early or too late. Have someone to help you with the exercise. You will need and enclosed area. A hallway is perfect for a young puppy. Ask your helper to gently restrain the puppy. At the same time, slowly back away while you entice the dog. Make him come to you by offering his favorite treat or his favorite toy. Do whatever you can to get the dog to focus on you while making him struggle to get away from your helper in order to get to you.

At this point, you should only call him by his name, followed by "come." Do this with great enthusiasm while turning around and slowly moving away. Once your helper releases the dog, let him catch up to you. Play with him for a while and then reward him by giving a special treat. Perform this exercise several times a day. Gradually increase the distance that he has to travel to get to you. In addition, do not perform the exercise if you think that your dog is tired, otherwise it will not be fun for him and he will lose interest in the training.

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