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Training your Pit Bull can be easier than training other dog breeds. There are two main reason that this is so. One is because Pit Bulls are among the smartest and the most willing participants when it comes to dog training. The other is that they are loyal and very eager to please their owners. In today's world, dog training techniques are easier and more effective than ever, so there is no reason why your Pit Bull cannot be the friendliest and the most intelligent dog around your area.

Here are some tips with respect to Pit Bull dog training:

1. It is important to realize that all dogs live in the present. Every time you reward or punish your Pit Bull, it can only assume that it is for its behavior at the time of the reward or punishment. For example, if you happen to find a mess that your Pit Bull did a few hours ago, do not awaken the dog from a nap and then start scolding it. Your Pit Bull will only think that it is being scolded because it was taking a nap.

2. You have to be consistent with your rules. If you did not let your Pit Bull sleep in your bed last night, then it should not be allowed to sleep in it tonight or any other night for that matter. Do not give in to any begging done by your dog. By giving in to its begging, it will only learn that begging sometimes pays off. This will then create a behavior pattern that is unwanted and difficult to change.

3. Your Pit Bull will repeat actions that bring it rewards, whether the rewards are intentional or otherwise. Letting it out of the cage to make him stop whining may work temporarily. However, in the long run you will end up with a Pit Bull that continuously whines whenever it is placed in a cage. It is best to only reward behaviors that you want to see repeated.

4. As mentioned before, your Pit Bull is very eager to please you. All you have to do is to show it the way. Forcing your dog can distract and even intimidate it, thus slowing down its learning process.

5. It is not necessary to repeat a command over and over or to yell louder and louder. Doing so will not make your dog understand what you are trying to get across. Your Pit Bull is more than likely not deaf, and if it behaves like it is, you just need to steer it toward the right direction. This will probably mean taking a step back in your training program.

6. Above all, be patient. Although things may not go as smoothly as you hoped it would be, it is still possible to train your dog. You just need to be realistic, consistent, firm but gentle and always maintain a good sense of humor.

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Also The Pit Bull Guide is a great source for the training and care of pit bulls.


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